Yes it’s fun to look back at the old days, find out what happened to our schoolmates, and keep in touch with what’s happening today at BHS. But fun aside, we have an agenda.

Agenda Item No. 1 is Scholarships.

Remember when? You went to the U of A or ASU for free. You worked a summer job to pay for your books and incidentals. You graduated and began your working life debt free.

Well those days are gone. The State no longer ponies up to allow bright young things to achieve their potential. Unless somebody steps up to take up the slack, today’s HS Seniors will either have to take on a huge debt to get a higher education, or resign themselves to lesser jobs instead of their first choice of careers..

We can help! If we all scrape up $25 from the grocery money and throw it into the Scholarship Fund, we can help one of today’s deserving Seniors to start their lives the way we did – educated and debt free.

To make your 2020/2021 scholarship donation, mail in the form at the end of this newsletter.

And don’t forget, your donation is tax deductible!


1. Producing the third Benson Bobcat Alumni Association (Fund Raiser) Dinner in October, 2019.  ACCOMPLISHED!

2. Recruit a volunteer for each decade of Alumni to serve as the Alumni Association’s point of contact to solicit and receive Class nominees for the Newsletter Editor to interview for the next issue’s “Where Are They Now” person.
WE NEED YOU!  We have representatives from 1960, 1961, 1962, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1988.

3. Increase the amount of funds for the 2021 Scholarships.

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