Whatever Happened to Marijane Axtell?

Janet —

I was so pleased to receive the latest BBAA Newsletter, and to know that there are still lots of names on the “to” list that I recognize…. I enjoyed reading the current and previous issues, and was particularly interested in the historical notes on Benson Grocery Stores. I learned a great deal from working at the J&M in both locations, and you should know that growing up with a “mom and dad and three kids grocery store” was NEVER anything Kay, Henry or I ever considered doing…. Instead, I am beginning my 50th year in higher education, and have retired (to date) four times… Went back to work recently and so will have my 5th retirement to celebrate probably at the end of my 50th year. Have enjoyed every day (with the exception of one bad experience that occurred on a Tuesday, though I’ve forgotten the year or the issue) and am so very grateful for the great education I received in Benson.

I am sending you a donation to the Scholarship Fund.

Thanks again for keeping all the good memories of Benson alive and well. And I remember with great fondness your dad’s pharmacy store and your home, along with good recollections of Kiki Blom and the great view from her family’s home in the “Heights.”

Marijane Axtell Paulsen