Statement of Giving

Scholarship donation forms are at the end of newsletter:

Everything we make on Tumbler sales, what we made at the Alumni Dinner, dues and our new Trivia Fun Night Series will go to scholarships or school projects.

We are sponsoring someone to go to a summer workshop for Gifted Education this summer. They will bring back new ideas for the school system.

The Board of the Benson Bobcat Alumni Association thanks you for helping us achieve our purpose which “is to support and promote the advancement of education.” In 2020 we awarded scholarships totaling $6,500 to five deserving and grateful Benson High School graduates.

In 2017 the Internal Revenue Service recognized the Benson Bobcat Alumni Association as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c) (3) which allows you to deduct your contributions under IRC Section 170.


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