Linda Lou Lamb Retires

Linda Lou Lamb has been in the same classroom for 35 years. This fall someone else filled that room. She has (semi) retired. She will return in the spring to coach track. She plans on living 6 mths in Benson and 6 mths in Michigan. She has contributed so much to the Benson School system and the community. You have seen her and her camera at many events.

She has been advisor to the student council for about 20 years. This year they took the highest award in the state, Student Council of Outstanding Distinction.

Linda Lou was one of our first Honorary Alumni Inductees in the 2017-2018 school year. She has continues to be a contributor of ideas to the alumni board.

We should all have Linda Lou’s mantra: LIFE IS GOOD! It has been Benson’s pleasure to have you. Thank You.

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