A memory of Jerry Lee

From Steve McGoffin–

“Mr Lee” is what I called him for 30 years due to my profound respect for him.  I was probably 40 yrs old before I addressed him as Jerry.  I was 11 yrs old (55 yrs ago) when I met him in my first 5th grade PE class. He coached me in flag football, basketball, & track.

 My favorite sport was track even though I was much better at wrestling. I was on one of his state championship track teams in 1966.  Mr Lee made sports fun!  Everyone loved competing for him! He was low key and low pressure but he still got people to perform.  I’ve thought about why he was so successful with kids.  In my opinion it was his”loving kindness” that everyone responded to.  I never had another coach that loved his kids like Jerry P. Lee. He was a great influence on me concerning how to treat other people and especially kids. I can’t think of a better candidate to honor by naming the Jerry P. Lee Athletics Complex.

PS. I can remember being disappointed that he missed coaching one of our games because he had to attend the birth of his first child (Gary). I don’t think he missed any after that.

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