100th Anniversary Scholarships

Scholarship Information from the 100th Anniversary Celebration:

With the generous donations from approximately 71 Benson Bobcats and local businesses, at the end of the 100th anniversary celebration we were able to present the 100th graduating class of Benson High School $6,200 in scholarships to further their education.

At the scholarship awards night in May 2015, the steering committee presented the following:

$1800 to Katherine Trepanier – attending the University of Arizona

$1800 to Sydney Roman – attending the University of Arizona

$1300 to Stephen Barrera – attending the University of Arizona

$1300 to Devin Calley – attending Northern Arizona University

A scholarship committee was formed and formulas devised to decide on the winners who all showed leadership and volunteer skills as well as a high GPA. This year we will once again present scholarships based on the generosity of our Bobcats and the Benson Community. This is one of the committees you may decide to serve on for the 2017-2018 awards.